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Department of Economics and Management

Seminars 2019

Prof. Stephan Meisel, University of Muenster (Germany)January 16th, 2019 h. 11.00, Room D2, Brixia building“Online Learning of a Universal Policy for Energy Storage Management”Chair: Prof. Luca Bertazzi
Prof. Juri Hinz, University of Technology Sydney (Australia)January 17th 2019, h. 11.30, Room D2, Brixia building“Using high-dimensional statistics for predictive modelling of ore variability”    Chair: Prof. Paolo Falbo, Prof. Cristian Pelizzari
Prof. Demetrio Laganà, Università della CalabriaJanuary 29th, 2019 h. 11.00, Room A6, S. Chiara building“An Exact Solution Framework for Multi-Trip Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows”Chair: Prof. Luca Bertazzi
Prof. Maren Diane Schmeck, Bielefeld University (Germany)January 30th 2019, h. 11.30,Room D2, Brixia building“Electricity price modelling with stochastic time change”   Chair: Prof. Paolo Falbo, Prof. Cristian Pelizzari
Prof. Igor Konnov, Department of System Analysis and Information Technologies, Kazan University, RussiaMarch 1st, 2019 h. 14:30, Room D3, Brixia building“Selective bi-coordinate method for limit optimization problems”Chair: Prof. Elisabetta Allevi, Prof. Giorgia Oggioni
Prof. Giorgio Ferrari, Center for Mathematical Economics (IMW), Bielefeld University, Germany“Optimal Reduction of Public Debt under Partial Observation of the Economic Growth”March 22nd, 2019, h. 14.30, Room D3, Brixia buildingChair: Prof. Paolo Falbo, Prof. Cristian Pelizzari
Prof. Roberto Roberti, Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamApril 3rd, 2018 h. 11.00, Room A2,  S. Chiara building“The Team Orienteering Problem with Overlaps: an Application in Cash Logistics”Chair: Prof.ssa Claudia Archetti
Prof. Abdel Lisser,  Université de Paris-Sud, France“Introduction to chance constrained games”April 9th, 2019 h. 9.30, Room D3, Brixia buildingChair: Prof.ssa Giorgia Oggioni
Prof. Andrea Gamba, Warwick Business School, Coventry, UKApril 9th, 2019 h. 11.00, Room D5,  Brixia building“Debt covenants and the value of commitment”Chair: Prof. Roberto Savona
Prof. Tolga Bektas, Management School, University of LiverpoolApril 10th, 2019 h. 11:00, Room D5, Brixia building“Optimising Last-Mile Light Goods Vehicle Activity in London”Chair: Prof. Claudia Archetti
Workshop "Research Synthesis and Lab of Bibliometrics"April 15th, 2019 h. 9:30-16:30, Room D2 and Laboratory 1, S. Faustino 64 - Brixia BuildingProf. Massimo Aria, Department of Economics and Statistical Sciences, University of Naples Federico IIProf. Corrado Cuccurullo, Department of Management and Economics, University of Campania Luigi VanvitelliOrganizers: Prof. Maurizio Carpita and Prof. Marica Manisera
Prof. Jacco Thijssen, The York Management School, University of YorkApril 26th, 2019 h. 14.00, Sala Biblioteca, Via S. Faustino 74/b“Optimal investment in CO2 reduction technologies: CO2 tax versus EU-ETS”Chair: Prof. Francesco Menoncin
Workshop Investments, Energy and Green EconomyApril 26th and 27th, h. 9.00, Sala Biblioteca, Via S. Faustino 74/bOrganizers: Proff. Sergio Vergalli, Paolo Falbo, University of Brescia
Prof. Immanuel Bomze, Department of Statistics and Operations Research, University of Vienna​April 29th, 2019 h. 12:00, Room D2 ,  Brixia buildingRobust clustering in social networksChair: Prof.ssa Claudia Archetti
Dott. Andrea Modena, Università degli Studi di Venezia, ItalyApril 30th, 2019 h. 13:30, Room D3, Brixia building“Risk pooling, Leverage, and the Business Cycle”Chair: Prof. Francesco Menoncin
Prof. Didier Aussel, Université de Perpignan, France April 30th, 2019 h. 15.00, Room D3, Brixia building“From Nash games to Bilevel Nash games: what is it and what for?"Chair: Prof.ssa Rossana Riccardi
Prof. Coralio Ballester, Department of Economics, Universidad de Alicante, SpainMay 14th, 2019 h. 13:30, Room D3 , Brixia building“Revealed expectations in guessing games”Chair: Prof. Raffaele Miniaci
Prof. Paulo Cortez, Università di Minho, PortugalSeptember 25th, 2019 h. 9.30, Room D3, Brixia building“Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics”Chairs: Eugenio Brentari, Maurizio Carpita
Prof. Gregor Zöttl, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) GermanOctober 8th, 2019 h. 10.00, Room D3, Brixia building“Mechanisms to Coordinate Storage Investment and Network Expansion in Distribution Networks”Chair: Giorgia Oggioni
Prof.ssa Ruth Domínguez, Universidad de Castilla- La Mancha,Toledo, Spain. November 26th, 2019 h. 10.00, Room D2, Brixia building “Solving Capacity Expansion Problems in Renewable and Storage Units Under Uncertainty”Chair: Prof.ssa Giorgia Oggioni
Prof. Martin Šmíd, Czech Academy of SciencesDecember 10th, 2019, h. 11.00, Room D2, Brixia building“Are Derivatives Worth In Emission Trading?”Chair: Prof. Cristian Pelizzari
Prof. Prof. Juan Enrique Martinez-Legaz, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain)December 11th, 2019 h. 15.00“On the Structure of Higher Order Voronoi Cells”Chair: Prof. Rossana Riccardi
Prof. Juri Hinz, University of Technology Sydney, AustraliaDecember 16th 2019, h. 11.00, Room D2, Brixia building“An Algorithmic Approach to Optimal Asset Liquidation Problems”Chair: Prof. Paolo Falbo
Prof. Riccardo Mogre, University of Durham (UK) December 19th, 2019 h. 14.30, Room A6“A short introduction to decision making in presence of risk” (didactic seminar)Chair: Prof. Luca Bertazzi